Seriously, I did this...

Here's the quiz I gave my students today on chapters 31-47 in Moby-Dick:

Quiz on Moby-Dick

  1. What does Captain Ahab nail to the mainmast?
    1. A map of the Pacific Ocean.
    2. A statement of purpose
    3. A gold doubloon
    4. A silver chalice
  1. One of the shipmates hesitates even after Ahab’s Quarter-Deck speech. Who is it?
    1. Starbuck
    2. Flask
    3. Stubb
    4. Queequeg
  1. What phrase best expresses what the white whale represented to Ahab?
    1. “all evil”
    2. “a mystery”
    3. “the great democratic god”
    4. “a meaningless freak."
  1. What do you think of Ahab?
    1. he’s crazy
    2. he’s awesome
    3. he’s crazy
    4. both a & b
    5. both a & c
    6. Other (explain): _________________________________
  1. What’s up with the chapter called “The Whiteness of the Whale?” What do you think that was all about? – try to use one specific example in your answer.

[P.S. -- the answers are C, A, A, D, and "Ishmael is a spineless postmodern liberal."]

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