Passing Thought

I can't recall ever convincing anyone of anything. Do people ever change their minds anymore? Did they ever? Am I doing something wrong?


Wishydig said...

just because you haven't convinced anyone of anything doesn't mean you haven't changed minds.

but if you're doing something wrong, it's probably caring.

Casey said...

You're right! It's like I'm praying really hard that my will be done... and what a one-dimensional drab of a world it'd be if I succeeded.

But still, if at least one person would concede that "this world" and the pleroma are one, it'd be so satisfying. :)

Wishydig said...

i think i can agree.

Insignificant Wrangler said...

At some point I changed from Derrida to Levinas, from a primary interest in language as play to a primary interest in discourse as ethics. I can't say when I made such a change, and can offer even less as to "why."

I also changed my mind as to who would win the AFC West this year. Like many, I thought the Chargers would win. Then I heard Colin Cowherd make an argument for the Chiefs. He cited improved coaching, an excellent running game, and an under-appreciated defense. Made sense to me; go Chiefs.

Casey said...

I remember when you started that Derrida-to-Levinas transformation, Wrangler.

Cowherd is such a great last name. I wonder if it's related to "Coward." It shouldn't be. What's so cowardly about herding cattle? That's definitely better than being a sheep-herder (Shepherd?), isn't it?