Objective Confirmation: The Author of B.W.B.M. is a Genius of Style.

Recently I got an email from a really fine academic journal, who had two "outside-readers" go over my manuscript. The first reviewer answered the first of fifteen questions as follows (the other 14 answers weren't as flattering, needless to say):
1. Is the paper's style readable? Does it read appropriately like an article rather than, say, a dissertation chapter?

This article is eminently readable--gracefully written, mercifully free of jargon, and not at all dissertationy.
Thank you, Reviewer #1, for giving me objective reassurance of something I've always felt to be the truth! Hahaha! So this is just a thank you to my 4 or 5 regular readers for helping me to refine my "eminently readable, graceful, jargon-free, not-at-all-dissertationy" style.

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