"Global Climate Disruption"

Yeah, what this guy says. Your silence is being mistaken for tacit agreement. Or if your tacit agreement is really tacit agreement, then your tacit agreement is going to ruin civilization. And that's because, even if (goliath sized-"if") you were right about the ends, the means are disturbing the very basis of civil society. See Confucius on the Rectification of Names.


Insignificant Wrangler said...

Here's a 20 minute video that completely debunks the "there has been no global warming" argument and shows how that argument relies almost entirely on suspicious (dare I say sophistic?) representation of data.


Then please look deep into Iris's irises, and tell her that daddy is doing everything he can to make sure she inherits a livable earth.

Casey said...

A 20 minute video!?--is that in addition to Al Gore's magnum opus? Sort of an addendum? Okay I'll go watch it.

I hope you remember my point of balance, here: I favor what I think of as "real" environmentalism as strongly as anyone I know. I love not littering, and I think planting trees is excellent. And I even think that it's okay for the government to seize land for public use in the case of parks and other recreational areas, to protect them from skyscrapers and stuff. I hope to have Iris spend more time in nature than any of her friends. I'll read her Thoreau for bed-time stories. I'm just not convinced that warming is manmade.

But okay, now I'll go watch this video. You never know. Maybe I was just high when I watched An Incovenient Truth. Well, not "maybe": certainly. But I usually had my best ideas in that state.