Glennbeck and the King Legacy

Everybody's rolling their eyes at G-Beck incorporating MLK into his schtick this past weekend. Last night he showed a clip where he had Rev. Al on his show back in April of this year. The exchange went something like this:
Glenn: Don't you think, though--beyond politics--that a return to foundational values in our personal, individual lives--to faith, hope, and charity--is what's really required in this country?

Al: "Yes, I agree."

Glenn: "So, those guys over there [pointing to Ben Franklin, Jefferson, and Madison, with the words "Faith," "Hope," and "Charity" under their images]?"

Al: "Well, I'd like to see a few African Americans in the mix with them..."
Then Glenn returned to the present and said, "So that's what I did. That's why I had huge posters of Frederick Douglass and MLK at our rally. That's why we ran the series on our Black Founding Fathers."

Well, whatever. But anyway, all this making fun of Glenn Beck in relation to the legacy of King reminded me of my favorite of King's sermons, which reads (surprise!) just like a Glenn Beck segment. I'm not kidding. Check it out.

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