Funny Passing Thought

Lately I've been suffering from this mindset that nothing happens as fast as I'd like. I click a webpage, and it pisses me off that it takes two seconds to load, because I know where on the webpage that's laboring to load I want to go, to click a link, to get to another webpage, but now I'm just waiting.

This morning I went in to make some copies at the copier, and the idea was complete in my head: so it just pissed me off that I had to wait for the copier to warm up (30 seconds), and then go-through-with my copying job (1 minute). And I was supposed to just stand there?

At the gas station or the ATM, I'm supposed to wait while your 20th century receipt printer "processes" what's just taken place! Jeeeez!

But this morning I woke up and conceived of the whole day--a whole Thursday--and had the same feeling of imposition: I knew what was going to happen, and couldn't believe I actually had to allow it to develop in time. I'm like a psycho/manic dog, panting for the future, aren't I? Guess that's check-mate, isn't it, Technology?

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