Bizarro Journalism

I just saw a whole segment on CNN that really pissed me off. The headline said, "Planned Quran-burning could endanger troops, Petraeus warns."

I know you all agree with me that that's an absurdly warped way to cover that "story," right? I'm trying to figure out what ends these journalists have in mind--why would they conceive of framing the story in such a way, and why would Petraeus apparently "start it?"

A bunch of hillbillies in Florida want to burn the Quran, and that puts American troops' lives in danger? No mention of the insane, insane mindset of Muslims who are so offended that some infidels are burning their favorite book that--

Oh wait, Muslims are a peace-loving people. So violence against the troops won't increase, right?

No seriously. That's what I believe. I don't believe burning the Quran puts troops in danger; only an insane ideology of violence and a too-easily-taking-offense generates that kind of danger. So great freaking job, CNN. Way to cut right to the clear, clean truth of the matter. I'm really more and more interested in figuring out what end is motivating all of the absurdity I'm witnessing in contemporary news coverage. What exactly does Wolf Blitzer's utopia look like? I imagine a room full of people, exactly half men and half women. The women are all white (or at least they have straight hair) and under 45 and very attractive. The men, if they are black or otherwise not-white, are under 45, and if they are white, they are over 45. People like Fareed Zakaria come and go, ostensibly proving that Wolf's utopia is a veritable treasure trove of diversity and open-mindedness, but in fact wearing exactly the same suit and tie as everybody else in the damn room, and all believing a confused mishmash of ideas ranging from anti-consumerism (but only for others; fancy watches for them) to American Unexceptionalism to "postmodern-art-is-really-challening" to "Yes, I drive a large minivan with a six cylinder engine, but only because I have three kids." And maybe it's this vision that motivates them: trying to get everyone else to share in such a vision, or at least start by switching from Merlot to Malbec. Everybody needs to be a Unitarian Universalist... unless they're a Muslim extremist.



Insignificant Wrangler said...

Well, in the midst of your recent Beck-inspired tirades against higher education, I would remind that it isn't people indoctrinated in Foucault, whether in Florida or the Middle East, who are threatening to burn any books or any bodies.

fenhopper said...

cnn and fox. two of the dumbest.

Casey said...

Fox is in a whole nother league when it comes to dumbth.

Casey said...

Wrangler... that's a pretty reasonable point, except for the fact that it's trickle-down Foucault that is probably motivating this kind of journalism. But yeah, bad journalism is less bad than burning stuff.