WTF am I doing wrong? This blog is so awesome, with upwards of 30 posts a month. Still none but the highest-quality, most-discerning readers. Oh well; to quote Melville, "Though I wrote the gospels in this century, I should die in the gutter."

Blogs like fine wine, I guess--right?

(I just finished glass two of Shiraz.)


Jon Sealy said...

Ah, the old good-writing-but-no-readers conundrum. Take solace that your style is eminently readable. (And you offer flattery to your readers, which is a bonus.) At least you'll never have to worry about some nut-job wanting to burn your blog after some other nut-job took some sentence and ran with it in an act of terrorism.

Casey said...

How is it a bonus to me that I flatter my readers? I only do that to keep them hanging around... but what do I get out of it?


Wishydig said...

because if your words of praise don't flatter us, then you should start to worry.

Riles said...

I like your blog. It's just that I'm not sure what it is about.

I forget what drew me to it, but it wasn't too long ago.

Casey said...

Weird, Riles! -- I could've sworn I had tabs on all of my readers. You're a lurker? How can I flatter you?

You're certainly catching the right vibe if you're not sure what it's about. Perfect.

Riles said...

Check out my blog riles52.blogspot.com

Its about tax developments, but I try to make it humourous. Look at the post titled "Tax Court Crafts Ultimate Pick-up Line"

Casey said...

Charitable sperming... hahaha!