A Spinal Cord for a Spinal Cord Leaves the Whole World Paralyzed

A judge in Saudi Arabia heard a case involving a man whose spine was injured when an attacker came at him with a meat cleaver. The injured man requested that, per Sharia law, the judge injure the attacker's spine in a similar manner.

(The judge has sent letters to local hospitals inquiring about whether any of them would perform the injury!)


fenhopper said...

thank goodness christianity doesn't have any texts that could be interpreted this way. well, ok, they could be interpreted this way, but it's not like written in the law or something. well even if it is, christians are able to understand it in context. not like muslims. because every group of muslims is like the bad muslims in this story.

(i know i know. i'm not talking to you casey.)

Casey said...

I'm with you. In sooth, though: thank goodness we don't live in a state that tries to enforce ancient Christian texts as contemporary law... (for the most part).

But for the record: I think some of the blow hard conservatives make a reasonable point when they say, "Okay, if the 'bad' Muslims are anomalous, let's hear moderate Muslims take the reigns and condemn the 'bad' Muslims and take control of their states, etc." There's no question that Islam can give rise to a beautiful culture like Sufism as well as it can spring jihadists. So it wouldn't be bad if there was a more visible movement (almost a "reformation"?) within Islam that dragged it toward a more moderate position.

But then, that's only me seeing the world from what I call a moderate position, I guess, huh?

I'm lost these days. Can you tell? I blame Iris. She's sort of broken my mechanism, somehow...? I've certainly gained more than I've lost, but what I've lost (or am losing) is an ability to commit to a position long enough to argue it to its conclusion.

Anonymous said...


fenhopper said...

your commitments have shifted from ideas to a person. don't worry. because you honestly and selflessly love her, the right ideas will be there when you need them.