Property Rights and the Manhattan Mosque

For my 500th post on this blog, I'd like to publish something agreeable. So:

President Obama could end this truly appalling "conversation" about the Mosque in Manhattan if he would simply say, "It's about capitalism and property rights." Instead, he and the professional leftists continue speaking of "religious freedom." That building was for sale, and evidently, those people bought it. They ought to be allowed to build whatever they want on the site.

Of course, you'll never catch Obama defending capitalism and property rights. But it's unfortunate, because those rights are a natural fit with civil rights, including religious rights.

Plus, isn't buying land and building a mosque a better way of handling infidels than flying planes into their buildings? If anything, I see this mosque in Manhattan as the ultimate sign of America's victory in the ten-year war that began with 9/11. I mean, look: they're playing by our rules now!

(That's as agreeable as I get, folks)


fenhopper said...

those damn leftists always shoving religion in the face of the right wing.

you're probably right that changing the frame would confuse the "anti" crowd. but shouldn't the rallying cry of "kick 'em out because of their religion" be countered with "we don't kick people out for religion"?

Casey said...

Of course. This story really is pissing me off. More than anything, it's hearing Republicans say things like, "It's not just that it's a Mosque, it's that it's right there where 9/11 happened."

It's like, what?, a mosque is okay in Lincoln, NE, but not there? If there's nothing wrong with Mosques, why not? And, if there is something wrong with a mosque, why would you allow one in Lincoln, NE.

And one more thing: I actually love that they're opening this mosque there even if this is a radical bunch, because it's a perfectly American middle-finger: swoop in and buy the land while nobody's paying attention, and then erect the world's tallest mosque! Brilliant! Score one for the "Islamists." Even Hafiz would have chuckled at that.

Anyway, I agree.

Insignificant Wrangler said...

I think it would be an important symbol to remind us that Islam had as much to do with 9/11 as conservatism had to do with Oklahoma City.