No Word for Blue

Here's a link to a long and (I thought!) interesting article on how and whether language can influence our thought. I know Wishydig advises me not to consult the New York Times for science-writing, but Linguistics isn't really a science anyway... hahaha. ;)

Whatever the case, this article makes me re-regret that I never became fluent in a second language. I feel like my career as a prophet could've really benefited from that advantage.

Still, I remain skeptical when the article says, "As strange as it may sound, our experience of a Chagall painting actually depends to some extent on whether our language has a word for blue."

But okay: I've gotta go focus on C-Span right now. I've been watching the Glenn-Beckcitement for an hour now, and haven't seen a white person on stage: just white people in the crowd, clapping awkwardly to the gospel music booming from the stage.


Luz said...

Que lindo te felicito me gusta este blog
Saludos Luz.

Casey said...

Did I just say I'm not fluent in any language but English!?

Wishydig said...

"how lovely. i congratulate you. i like this blog. regards, Luz"

or if you need a technical transliteration:

"how lovely [a masculine thing]. you [I].congratulate. this.[masculine] blog pleases me. [masculine].salutations Light.

you're right to be skeptical of a statement like that about the chagall. but not because it's a false statement, as much as because it's a banal statement. any time a phrase like "to some extent" comes up in this type of thinking, i keep in mind that it's very close to saying "there's something to it even if it's such a small and meaningless and inconsequential effect that's not really worth mentioning except as a technical 'reality.'" - you know?

Casey said...

I have two hundred things to talk to you about on Skype, and this comes in at #200.

Wishydig said...

did you see the pascal boyer thing i posted on facebook. i came across that after i wrote this.

there is providence.

and the language blogs are probably going to pick on this story a little bit this week. specifically with investigations about issues like what do we know about Language (big L) when we find out that germans and spaniards talk differently about bridges. very very little.