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"If you treat people, so far as government is concerned, alike, the result is necessarily inequality; you can have either freedom and inequality, or unfreedom and equality."
Obviously! I just discovered a freaking awesome archive of interviews with Ludwig Wittgenstein's equally brilliant cousin, F.A. Hayek. Click here if Glenn Beck is just too easy for you.

I strongly endorse, for my "postmodernist" friends, the James Buchanan interview, part II -- then click the link for "Subjectivism in economics." I never understood how postmodernists collectively neglected the foundational insights of Austrian economics regarding the subjective nature of valuation. [Until I read Iris Murdoch, last month, on the way in which postmodernism and Marxism "hold hands under the table;" but that's another story]

I also recommend, from that same interview, also in part II, the twenty minutes or so that you'll get if you click the link to "Socialist Calculation Debate." That's the whole argument, folks. In summary, the best intentions are daunted by the inestimable vastness of "the economy" itself: no one, and no committee of experts, can possibly run a centralized economy as efficiently as free markets can.

Last thing I'll recommend is Part II of the interview with Robert Bork, who was memorably railroaded by the senate judicial committee in the 80s. Click the link to "Social Justice."

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