Freedom Link Dump

I feel a streak coming on here, so I'm just going to do it all in one post. Yes, I know this is mostly for myself, but I like having a post like this once in a while. Indulge me. In short, I prefer liberty to equality. And if asked why: because you can't have moral behavior under coercion.

The Mises Institute -- entirely open source, because Mises himself opposed the idea of "intellectual" property.

Lew Rockwell's site -- mostly Austrian in nature, Rockwell blogs libertarianly and frenetically.

The Libertarian Standard -- this one's new to me, but it looks promising, and sort of funny in the articles section.

The Cato Institute -- wonder if they'd hire a Ph.D. in English? Maybe as their education consultant?--I could work as a double agent, having infiltrated the academy without turning into a statist.

Thomas Sowell's Spot -- Sowell is good on everything as far as I'm concerned, but especially on education issues.

The Ayn Rand Institute -- Yes, there's a lot of bullshit here, but some good stuff too. Rand is best defending liberty, and pretty shaky when it comes to economics.

Marxists Internet Archive -- because truth only reveals itself as a whole picture. Seriously, there are a lot of great resources here.


fenhopper said...

"you can't have moral behavior under coercion."

try to convince luke ford of that.

Anonymous said...


Casey said...

Hahaha! -- it's tyrants just like him that liberty looks to obviate.

ob·vi·ate: to anticipate and prevent (as a situation) or make unnecessary (as an action)

Wishydig said...

that wasn't patronizing at all.

pa·tro·nize: to purchase from or avail oneself of the services of a business.

Casey said...

Haha... no, I just always loved that word. It seems to "do" more than most words. Remember it from my GRE flash-cards.

I never doubt your vocab. Sometimes I doubt your grasp on what language is, but never on your deftness using it.

Wishydig said...

we define language differently. let's not complicate this too much with a pissing contest.

Casey said...

I would never challenge you to a pissing contest either! I really was wondering about your definition of language... I'll make a post out of it. It's not that I really believe I know what I'm talking about here... I just have a different inclination or something.