New Efforts to Pierce the Veil of Mystery

A few years ago, I wrote a poem:

Inside the Great Pyramid, a narrowing corridor
Approaches an antechamber
Uphill making more than one great step before
Encountering a floating girdle stone
And a blocking stone
Lowered into place before time
To protect the king’s chamber
And the coffer in which he is buried.
The corridor is narrower than human shoulders.
Formerly, the ascending passageway pointed at Sirius
But the position of stars has changed since the king was buried.
The final blocking limestone at the end of the
Corridor too narrow for human shoulders
Reveals two eroding copper handles.
I may be confusing some of the essential facts,
But nonetheless, I wonder why,
If the corridor is too narrow for human shoulders,
There is a floating girdle stone
And a blocking
Antechamber nonsense copper eroding handles
To protect the king in case you made it through
The corridor too narrow for human shoulders
There is a heavy limestone
With eroding copper handles
Observed (only) by a robot named Upuaut
Whose shoulders were narrow enough to pass
But not strong enough to lift the final blocking limestone
By its eroding copper handles,
And this is where things stand.

Anyway, I was hoping to publish it one day. Now it looks like I'm going to be too late!

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