Education & Propaganda

What's the difference between Education and Propaganda (or "Indoctrination?"). This is sort of a test question. I'm suspecting that some of my three readers will argue that it's always been a muddled and contingent difference, whereas my other reader might try to make a clear delineation. I know we've been over this with the difference between news & propaganda, but humor me.


fenhopper said...

jesus. now i have to try to figure out which reader i am. (i'm actually three of them, i think.)

the difference is that propaganda has an agenda of stopping critical thought at some point. (let's not pretend that this magical ability called "critical thought" is by definition impervious to influence.)

education, when it deserves a captial E, is okay with dissent and even with chaos.

but these days, the state knows that they have to be two shades of the same thing. creating good citizens. schools should go back to be private. the public school system is often well-intentioned, but it's not that important anymore. it doesn't attract enough philosophers, artists, or alchemists.

and the scientists only want to teach other scientists.

Casey said...

I think you're onto something when it comes to the privatization, of course: not because of "capitalism," but because the current system is just too corruptible, too susceptible to "public" influence, etc. And so it ends up producing "scientists" who are really just work-a-day professionals willing to conduct "experiments" designed to reinforce the status quo, so long as the federal funding keeps coming.

But I didn't ask this just rhetorically. I'm still a little unclear whether something called capital-E education has ever/can ever really exist. Such a thing could certainly not ever be institutionalized, could it?