Chart Not Including Yesterday's 27% Drop in Existing Home Sales

US Zillow Home Value Index
I'm pretty ready for people in my generation to start waking up to how screwed we're getting. Nobody I know can afford a house, and it's because of the government's efforts to keep housing prices artificially inflated. The government is doing that because they're feeling the most pressure from people who are in homes. But if renters would enter the arena more vocally, that might begin to change.

Another scam: I can't believe that anyone under 50 is in favor of the social security program. I heard yesterday some crazy numbers. Something like if you started working in 1937, that when you retired, it took two years collecting social security to get all of the money back that you paid in. For a worker who started in 2001, they'll have to live to 97 to collect what they paid in. In other words, it's impossible for anyone in our generation to win. We're just being politically robbed, and we seem to be okay with it.

Anyway, maybe Obama will fix it for us... (?!).

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