Another Observation re: American Culture

This is a little uncomfortable, but another thing I've noticed is that every dufus-foil to be found in a television commercial is either a husband to a more refined wife, or a white person to a more refined black person. Of course--especially with race--these commercials could never be done the other way around. Not since about 1960.

And I know this is sociology 101, but why does every black person on TV have to be wearing a khaki-colored Nautica jacket over a Ralph Lauren golf shirt?


fenhopper said...

you know, i haven't thought about this since my 6th grade teacher pointed it out to me.

Casey said...

Wait... when you say, "this," did you mean the part about Cosby-esque black people? Because I never noticed the dopey-husband/dopey-white man schtick until recently.

Now that we're in the comments section, I feel safer: could we really imagine what would happen, though, if "TV" decided to represent black people as they actually are, rather than as white-washed false-archetypes?

Would it look more like the Obama-money people in Atlanta yesterday? (ouch):


I'm ready for another Skype session, btw. I decided I want to press the point about your labeling me a "safe racist" last time... I'll let you hold your breath to see whether it's the "safe" or the "racist" part that I take issue with.

fenhopper said...

i think by "this" i meant that t.v. commercials choose images based not on what actually happens, but based on what will get the least attention.

the example my teacher gave was a volleyball game and one person spiking the ball over another. she claimed that in a commercial, you were less likely to see a white person spiking over an hispanic. because people would call it racist.

she didn't say it was racist. she was talking about the reaction.

then she said that black people would never be in the commercial because they don't go to the beach.

her name was laura schlessinger.

ok. we'll skype soon. i'm getting over that head/stomach thing. but probably any time after tonight.