What Democracy Produces

If you aren't paying close and careful attention to the senate race in South Carolina between Jim DeMint and underdog-wonder Alvin Greene, you're missing one of the great comedies of our generation. Let me emphasize: this is really happening. Greene has been cleared of any charges--Democrats in particular were miffed by Greene's win in the primary, because he did not have the approval of party leaders. He raised the $10,000+ by himself, and there is no evidence of tampering.

Please take the time to listen to the latest interview featuring Greene, which aired on Charlotte's WBT News-Talk radio (1110 AM) this morning. Click this link and then search for "Alvin Greene." Or, if you click today, you'll probably just see the interviews and be able to listen from Keith Larson's main page. It's a genius interview, if you ask me; and although I give Larson points for making fun of Greene without Greene knowing it (or does he?), I want to emphasize again: this is really happening. Make sure to listen to the 7.12.10 interview.

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