I like the direction these guys are thinking--I'm not sure about Rudolph Steiner, but I love the idea of "sacred education"--but I'm much more interested, for now, in the technology. Does anyone know how to have a three-way video chat, and how to record it? [NOTE: if you click on this video and open it at YouTube, you'll see the third guy, missing from my frame for some reason as an "embed" on this blog.]

Interestingly enough, this is one of the few posts on this blog that is totally devoid of spiritual or sacred aims. Weird.


Insignificant Wrangler said...

I imagine they are using skype?

Casey said...

I thought you could only two-way with Skype. But even if that's so... do you know what I'd need to use to record it?

If I could figure that out, I might start a new blog called "Heavilon 215, or, The Academy."

Wishydig said...

skype has been introducing conference video, but i'm not sure if it's standard yet. do you have the latest version? even so, there's third party software that you can use with skype to do conference calls.

i'm not sure about the most recent windows capabilities, but a lot of people seem to like http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/

Wishydig said...

by the way, i've been meaning to mention the video width issue for about a year now:

it looks like your post width is set about about 400px.

you tube videos come encoded for specific dimensions. when you get the embedding code, check the block of text for two sets of height/width pixel values. so for instance in this post, the values are set as width="640" height="385".

change those two numbers so that it's width="400" and height="240".

that should shrink the video down to fit in your post space.

Casey said...

Too complicated.

Wishydig said...

okay. i'll explain it like you're a 106 student.

go back to edit your post.

find the paragraph of code you copied from youtube

change 640 to 400

change 385 to 240.

find another 640. change it to 400.

find another 385. change it to 240.