Any Questions?

How we doing? Is anyone confused, or unclear, about anything?

If there are no questions, then, we'll proceed. Here's a story by an anti-Levinasian if there ever was one, Daniil Kharms. He was a Russian writer during the Stalinist period. He died of starvation in state custody after being arrested on suspicion of anti-Soviet activities. Here's what he says:
When I see a man, I want to smack him in the face. It's so much pleasure to pound on a man's face.

I sit in my room doing nothing.

Then--someone's come over to see me; he's knocking on my door. I say, "Come in!" He comes in and says, "Greetings! It's great that I've caught you at home." And that's when I knock in his face, and then I let my boot fly into his crotch, too. My guest falls over from the terrible pain. And I give him a heel to the eyes! Like, don't be whoring around when you're not invited!

Or else, there's also another way: I offer my guest to take a cup of tea with me. The guest accepts, sits down at the table, drinks his tea and starts telling me a story. I make it seems like I'm listening to him with fascination--I nod my head, sigh, make my eyes wide with surprise, and laugh. The guest, flattered by my attentions, gets more and more animated.

I calmly pour myself a whole cup of boiling water and throw the boiling water in the guest's face. My guest springs to his feet grasping his face. Then I tell him, "There is no more benevolence in my soul. Get out!" And I push my guest out the door.