I know there's no evidence, and you might ascribe this to Casey "making it up," but here's what I drafted last Thursday, before quitting due to an interruption:
In one of those odd coincidences of the stars, I just caught onto one of the biggest defenders of metaphysical ethics (i.e., "Platonic" ethics) of the 20th century... her name is Iris Murdoch, and you've probably heard of her as a novelist. I didn't name my baby after her at all, but now it looks like I may be reading lots of Murdoch for a while. [interruption]
I was going to describe the opening pages of Murdoch's Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals, and make one of those what's-wrong-with-Levinas posts again, to peeve my theory friends. It turns out that the name I chose for my daughter has been a kind of bread crumb to help kickstart my ongoing truth-quest. Iris (Murdoch) and I are kinda kindred spirits, it seems.

But anyway, remember yesterday's post?--with the enigmatic allusion to a book I discovered on a bookshelf in Black Mountain, NC? An obscure book titled Zchenk Among Demons, written by David Schenck. The book was published in Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1990 by "Est Et Non" Books," a publisher which is evidently now defunct. I spent all night last night and this morning trying to figure out if this guy has written anything else -- he's very obscure. Off the radar. Not a big name academic at all. Finally, this morning, back from a visit to Asheville and Black Mountain, I found this about David Schenck on the internet:
David Schenck has published frequently in scholarly journals, literary magazines and newspapers over the last thirty years.He is the author of "Zchenk Among Demons," praised by Iris Murdoch as "a deep and stirring book," and of its companion, "Z Coming Home."He has taught in colleges and universities in the northeast and the south, and has spent the last two decades working in the non-profit sector in various capacities.He lives in Asheville, NC with his wife Annabeth, and now works at the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy.Whenever he can, he is out in the mountains hiking and camping ...
So, probably his book was in the bookstore because he's from nearby. But "praised by Iris Murdoch?!" That's too much, G-d. As I said yesterday, it is a sweet book. If you're interested in mysticism or truth at all, order yourself a copy from a used-books seller online or something. Now continueth the synchronicities...

Here's the one other interesting link (for myself).


Insignificant Wrangler said...

In an odd twist, my current office was previously occupied by a different David Schenck. If you call my office phone, you'll still get his voice mail (I have yet to navigate IT to learn how to change the voice mail). He was a former dean, and moved over to a new interdisciplinary school in the College of Art and Sciences.

Casey said...

HOLY shit. "Odd." "Twist?"