When I'm elected President, prison reform will be my #1 issue. Sound like a winner?

Today's story reminded me of one that pissed me off so hard when I listened to a talk about it on C-Span about three years ago. [Watch what I watched on C-Span here.]

Seriously. "Corrections" shouldn't rely on a fear of rape and absurd violations of religious rites. Babylon, your throne gone down...


fenhopper said...

i have very little compassion for those with long hair.

t.j. parsell's story tho… yea i'm with you on prison reform. i'm not a big believer in the punitive part of prosecution. the idea of "paying" for crime is ridiculous. i can see it being relevant, as an attempt at zero sum reparations, in some types of financial fraud or theft. you give back what you took.

but the goal of gaol is protection. it's the excision of a dangerous element. it doesn't require suffering. and suffering definitely shouldn't be sought.

and in cases like this, it should actively be fought against. the point about the dehumanization of prisoners is important.

but they're wrong about the humor part. jokes are always allowed. as long as they're funny. to me.

Casey said...

goal of gaol. Soooo nice.