Right around :29 seconds is what we're looking for here...

Watch this clip two or three times to get a sense of how full-on insane our mainstream culture is. At least those nipples are blurred. LORD knows what would happen if they weren't. I mean thank goodness, you know? The blur makes it so that this isn't titillating at all. But if there was no blur, holy cow, I might... notice. But I don't notice this at all.

Somebody call V.S. Ramachandran and tell him we need a quick lecture about how the mind gets off on suggested visual unity more than actual visual unity.


Wishydig said...

so E! (which really is as crazy an entertainment outlet as i can think of) is putting this out there for a group, 99% of which wouldn't care if they saw the nipples. 97% of which would rather see the nipples. but they're just trying to keep that tiny % quiet, who are a small, but focused and powerful group that's pretty good at making a big stink about things that people don't care about, but are willing to "concede" on just to keep them quiet.

so is this is about mainstream culture? or advertising and fcc regulation-- the crucible in which mainstream culture turns into a putrid ash of concessions in the form of acknowledged hypocrisy?


Casey said...

No, see... I don't believe any of what you just said. I think that they've stumbled on a powerful and ancient formula for titillation here, which is to leave something to the imagination. Only, something sort of went awry... and that formula became "leave as little as possible to the imagination--but do leave something."

That's why I mentioned Ramachandran. He, you know, says stuff about how we prefer a suggestive artistic nude to a Hustler centerfold... a statement that I actually agree with, but I'm not sure he means when he says "We" if he's talking about a circle wider than himself and me.

Btw, where does an 18-year old get knockers like that? And how do I get a job camera-manning on that show?

Wishydig said...

that's a fine theory, but it falls apart very simply:

any network that can show a nipple, does show a nipple.

Casey said...


Casey said...

Oh but wait... those networks that can show nipples but can't show "penetration," often show everything but that. So it's "almost everything" all the way down.

And then there's Hustler.

fenhopper said...

hardcore porn is successful and makes loads of money without calling "attention" to itself. why? because guys go to it, but don't admit it to anyone. and very few guys will say out loud (or within earshot of their girlfriend/wife) that they would be pissed if they weren't allowed to access it.

i agree with you that there's a CRAZY hypocrisy about sexuality in this country. absolutely. but i don't think the power of coy suggestiveness is all that real.

why do you think "uncensored" shows up on so many video searches? yeah, a little clean white cotton hugging her hips tightly looks nice, and we all say, "that's so much sexier." but when a guy needs an image to get the job done, he puts "sexy" aside and reaches for a picture of pink. right?

Casey said...

I guess you're right. But this in itself points to another angle on "Culture": namely, we've hit rock bottom.

Remember Emily Dickinson's poem, "Tell all the truth but tell it slant?" -- we don't really live in a culture where that makes sense. For that to make sense, you have to live in a civilization where "forms" (like, sonnets, rhyme-schemes, coyness) are respected, right?

A real poet nowadays, who wanted to write the "real" American poem, would simply have to say, "Tell all the truth as straightforwardly as possible," and then the rest of the poem would have to be a list of his favorite jerk sites, I guess.

And I'm to a point, having a baby, where I don't even care that I sound like a relative Puritan, because the middle-way is the way, and there is somewhere between Gomorrah and Salem circa 1670.


Casey said...

OR, have we hit rock top?! -- maybe telling the truth straightforwardly is where we've been aiming all along, and that will include boobs, insensitive language, and everything else that has been taboo in the past!?

[I've had my morning black tea]

Casey said...