Re: Gold

How is gold made? What is its source?

Yes, folks--I've (re)arrived at the central question of... alchemy!?

Honestly, inquire into its nature. By what chemical process did/does gold arise? Where does it come from? Is gold eternal? It can't be; nothing is eternal--is it? Then why can't we make it? Is it really "gold all the way down?" From Francis Bacon's Sylva Sylvarum (1627):
Gold hath these Natures: Greatnesse of Weight; Closeness of Parts; Fixation; Pliantnesse, orsoftnesse; Immunitie from Rust; Colour or Tincture of Yellow. Therefore the Sure Way, (though most about,) to make Gold, is to know the Causes of the Severall Natures before rehearsed, and theAxiomes concerning the same. For if a man can make a Metall, that hath all these Properties, Let men dispute, whether it be Gold, or no?


pure_sophist_monster said...

I love alchemy!

Casey said...

So... holy crap! Does this mean even the sophists won't venture an argument about the essence of gold!?

I fear I may have asked a question that I shouldn't have--

pure_sophist_monster said...

We don't do essence (I don't think -- Wrangler?). I like alchemy (in particular base metals to gold) because it is sophistic: the weaker becomes the stronger.

Casey said...

Well yes, theoretically. But... does it really?


Wishydig said...

are you not interested in a chemists take on this because it's too… answerable?

Casey said...

I'm REALLY interested in the chemistry answer, Wishydig... update me!