Dear Socialists (that means you, Mxrk),

For decades libertarians have questioned the necessity of "the Fed." For said decades, liberal/progressive types have said libertarians are crazy (and racist, of late). Now Robert Reich, whom Wolf Blitzer recently described as "...not exactly Ron Paul," is questioning the Fed's role in American public/economic life. Check the article here (at Huffington Post).


Wishydig said...

so sad to see that reich is now a blatant racist.

Casey said...


Mark said...

Yeah, it really blows a hole in my...hey, wait a minute. All this shit happened on your guy's watch, comrade. Free-Markets-Till-I-Die Bush nationalized the banks, not Barack.

If you want to be a libertarian it's fine with me. Stop driving on my roads.

Casey said...

I never voted for Bush. Because I want to be a libertarian. I agree with you, though: what Bush did to the economy would be like if Obama started interring all "minorities" and redistributing them evenly across the country in the name of diversity. A pretty serious betrayal of what you thought were basic party values.

But I haven't solved the "roads" problem yet. Still working on that... but who needs roads when you've got Cannabis-Buffet restaurants like Potderosa where you can eat all the pot-butter-soaked foods you can handle for $5.95? Including a waitress to bring you refills on Diet Coke!!! [customer service, anyone!?]