Blessed Be The Rule-Makers

Allowing proper nouns in Scrabble? This seems like a terrible choice to me, rule-makers.


Wishydig said...

funny, i had two reactions to this. the first was "HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. MOST HORRIBLE."

the second was "who cares. i just won't play by those rules."

then i heard that it's not even a change to 'scrabble' rules, it's a new variation on the game that involves a whole new set of gameplay rules, involving drawing cards and getting "passes" to do certain things, possibly even spelling backwards or on "free" sections of the board.

so, fine. it's a spin-off. so… who cares either way really? we all need to lighten up don't we?

Casey said...

Yeah, we do. But there's something soooo comforting about a stable, unchanging, perennial set of rules.