The Experience Project, Again

Man, I've been suckin' way too hard on my lollipop lately. Sorry I couldn't see it myself! Thanks for participating in unsticking me. It looks like it's going to be a perennial temptation for me, getting so involved in playing at political discourse that I start to actually believe something about it.

I'm much closer to my white hot center again after a long weekend in Charleston, SC. That's good for me, but it means I have nothing very interesting to say. You're all doing fine. Keep encouraging those who agree with you, and making fun of or discrediting those who are lamentable. It's all for something, I'm almost sure!

I did have one passing thought this weekend--sort of just caught a glimpse of it. It was when I woke up in a hotel room to my wife saying, "I just finished dreaming that you were lying right there and you woke me up and said, 'look,' and pointed to a copperhead snake at the end of the bed. And you said, 'It slept all night in my pillow and I didn't even know it.' And you weren't really afraid of it at all." And then me saying back to my wife, honestly, "Holy crap. I dreamed of a copperhead last night too. In my dream,..."

And it seems we weren't alone.

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