"Deem 'N Pass?" "Slaughter Solution?" Dysphemism, anyone?

Sometimes I have this dream where I'm being pushed down a plank-like path, over a precipice. I fight and fight, doing everything I can to fight my way back toward stable ground; but at a certain point, I decide that I would rather leap off the plank than be pushed, if going that way is unavoidable. And it turns out, strangely enough, that I am saved by my own cooperation in the movement. Had I been pushed off, I discover, I would have fallen into a bottomless pit; but because I leap from the edge, I clear the pit and land in an open, if somewhat barren, new land.

So I'm not fighting for libertarian politics anymore. We're too far down this plank. Liberty is less valued than equality, and to such an extent that no reversal of valuation is possible. So I'm consciously tuning in. Hurrah for egalitarianism! Let it ride! If communism "social justice" is inevitable, why then let it come now!

To prove that I mean it, I will quote Melville in context:

Our metaphysical hero, Pierre, wanders into the woods near his home, discovering a rock formation he used to visit as a child. Under the rock, there is a nook, just big enough for an adult to slide in. He slides under, then he prays to the rock that leans over him:
"If the miseries of the undisclosable things in me, shall ever unhorse me from my manhood's seat; if to vow myself all Virtue's and all Truth's, be but to make a trembling, distrusted slave of me; if Life is to prove a burden I can not bear without ignominious cringings; if indeed our actions are all foreordained, and we are Russian serfs to Fate; if invisible devils do titter at us when we most nobly strive; if Life be a cheating dream, and virtue as unmeaning and unsequeled with any blessing as the midnight mirth of wine; if by sacrificing myself for Duty's sake, my own mother re-sacrifices me; if Duty's self be but a bugbear, and all things are allowable and unpunishable to man; -- then do thou, Mute Massiveness, fall on me! Ages thou hast waited; and if these things be thus, then wait no more; for whom better canst thou crush than him who now lies here invoking thee?"

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