80 Percent of Contestants are like Nazis

Even if you're an immoral bastard, shouldn't you know when you're in a Milgram Experiment?


fenhopper said...

i'm sorta ambivalent about judging the subjects in the milgram experiment.

A) all i can do is "hope" that i would be more sympathetic to suffering than authority

2) if authority IS their moral standard, it might be scary, but it's not immoral.

C) the screaming does get annoying after a while.

Casey said...

Ha. I'm not judging them for submitting to authority, though... I'm judging them for not recognizing a Milgram experiment when they're neck deep in one. Psych. 101, baby. C'mon.

fenhopper said...

yeah, i caught that. just decided to back up a step.