Synchronicity: What I've Been Sayin' Lately.

I know ya'll can't listen to every bit of media I recommend, but I found an interview/podcast (look for #065) that made me feel really confident and comfortable about my career and my "calling" and the possibility that there will be more and more opportunities to do/say what I want to do/say within the academy.

Check it out. The guy who is being interviewed is a professor of English at Wake Forest.

AND, in keeping with the preternatural Gnostic theme of this blog and that podcast, the professor being interviewed just happens (what!?) to mention Kay Redfield Jamison's book, Touched with Fire, that I cited yesterday. Weird.

I hope to get a chance to introduce myself to Professor Wilson soon, as Wake Forest isn't very far from my own humble North Carolina Baptist University. In this interview, Wilson ties together just about all of my favorite interests: psychology, melancholy, literature, politics, Jesus, etc. -- and I catch about 98% of his drift.

So get excited, will you? Here we have a clear articulation of Casey-philosophy.

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