A recent CBS/New York Times poll (see page 7 of 22) shows that 6% (SIX PERCENT!) of Americans believe that Obama's $787 billion stimulus package has created jobs.

I'm pretty sure if you add up the number of liberal arts college professors you get about six percent of Americans...

Now I know that there is no necessary relationship between "belief" and reality, but... man. Six percent is LOW.


Insignificant Wrangler said...

I can say in Florida the stimulus money has been misspent. Instead of creating new jobs/industries, the stimulus money has been used to sustain existing programs. This is precisely what shouldn't have happened. Its too bad--and Obama is definitely going to be blamed, whether or not its his fault.

Casey said...

Well, you know me--undaunted libertarian. The entire idea of a "jobs bill" is absurd.

The entire premise of creating jobs with money taken from taxpayers is a phantasm, at best.