E-Reading List

"Oh, I read 'em all, you know. I read most of 'em. You know, Katie -- all of the big ones."

A friend asked the other day in an email what websites I visit on a regular (near-daily) basis. I told him I read the ones on my blogroll, and:
And I should add: Facebook & espn.com. That's about all I have time for these days... I remember the wild, wild West days of the internet fondly. When I was 22, I found corners of the internet that are probably by now mostly forgotten.

What do ya'll read regularly? My friend pointed me to The Atlantic, which I'm starting to work into the rotation. What else am I missing?


Monica said...

I like Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic. In addition to my blogroll...

Insignificant Wrangler said...

In addition to a few web comics, I read slash.dot and metafilter.

Mark said...

The Daily Beast is kind of like a glossier HuffPo without the overwhelming stench of self-righteouness. I don't read it every day, but often. Good art coverage.


Kevin said...

Be sure to check out Asia Times. An interesting and diverse group.

The best columnist there has moved on, and now only writes there occasionally--under alias 'Oswald Spengler' (!) Tone is typically detached and dark--an intelligent observer of decline; his essays on art lag, but on religion, language, economics, culture, and how they intersect, he has few working equals--in part because pretty much no one else is even trying to do what he does.

Check out the archives. Enjoy!


Kevin said...

Hi Casey. Thought of one more thing.

Your list is, so to speak, all from one altitude--and a high one. For more from ground-level, I'd add some mil-blogs to the mix. Quality of these vary-- in large part because fighters usually can't write, and writers generally don't fight. But mainstream internet coverage/commentary of/on the military is so fantastically poor, you might think of branching out in this way.

Here's a sample of an ex-fighter embed who writes. His blog, quite professional, isn't quite as raw as others. But check out this post--a favorite of mine--and contrast it with the armchair pontificating that was front-and-center at the time.


Casey said...

Thanks Kevin; cool.