Coherent Idea from the Right

Today I'm proud of Jeb Hensarling for speaking as candidly from the Right as James Clyburn did recently from the Left. Watch Hensarling not even blink, despite Matthews' incredibly annoying, unrhythmic, patronizing interjections--"yeah... okay...." Here's the clip:

So here's what we've got: Republicans offering to balance the budget (they say) by making cuts to entitlement programs, starting with social security. Democrats offering to fix the economy (they say) by increasing federal spending in hopes that that will stimulate new economic expansion--they'll worry about the deficit later. All is restored in the kingdom.

Well lace your gloves up, gentlemen; now we have an interesting fight. I have complaints against both sides, of course. Against Clyburn: please be more specific about how you'll pay for the increase in spending--more borrowing from China? More taxes? Against Hensarling: what moral obligation do I have to pay for the retirement checks of my parents' generation if I'm not going to get the same when I retire?

But my complaints are hardly the point here. The point is, Republicans sound like Republicans finally, and Democrats sound like Democrats. Confucius spoke of the rectification of names. It's long been one of my favorite notions.

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