Warming the Planet on Purpose

I'm surprised it took so long for the Russians, crafty as they usually are, to figure this equation out: if global warming is said to be a problem for most countries, it's not for Russia. Global warming might turn Russia into a pleasant and mild place. If anything, Global Cooling is their concern. I hope Putin and the Russian leadership push this really hard; it might eventually force the moment to its crisis: what would Americans do if, while they were losing jobs and saving the planet, the Russians threw together a dynamic smoke-stack economy employing millions and overtaking the U.S. as chief economic power in the world? [unlikely, I suppose; but neat!]

How do you fix Global Cooling? Well, obviously: you build lots of very productive and dirty factories to produce cheap goods for export. The same would go for the Scandinavian states, and Greenland, and so on.

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