Ranking Religions

I saw this live the other day while I was watching "news," flipping back and forth between two or three ridiculous channels. I found it stunningly ignorant. Then again, a person can only speak honestly and from experience. Just so weird.

But then I saw a clip on MSNBC, also live, which was intended to be one of those moral-superiority puff pieces, a genre perfected by Olbermann.

Here's the text I'm interested in; it comes around 3:55 in the video above:
General Boykin who was one of the generals in charge of the invasion of Iraq gave a speech where he said our God is bigger than their god. And we've got to stop, we’ve got to de-escalate this rhetoric and the rhetorical war pitting one religion against another religion, particularly as inoffensive a religion as Buddhism.
That was Dan Savage's response to Olbermann's mocking rhetorical question, "Is this sort of Peter Pan quality here? If we all just think hard enough, our god can beat up their god?" Anyway, did you hear that? Didn't Dan Savage just rank religions in terms of offensiveness?: "Particularly as inoffensive a religion as Buddhism...?" What is that, relative to offensive religions like Islam?

Anyway, Olbermann laughed in response, sarcastically suggesting he hadn't heard of any recent threats to America from radical Buddhists.


fenhopper said...

olbermann is so boring and meaningless lately. and dan savage doubly so.

the problem here isn't so much that they dare to rank religions generally (thus being hypocritical) but that they don't have the facts to hide the hypocrisy well enough. the buddhist power over the hindu tamil minority in sri lanka is probably quite offensive to those who are claiming human rights violations. even if it's not a religious civil war.

Casey said...

And Hume equally, needless to say...

I almost feel like "the news" (i.e., Fox and MSNBC) has become a way to enlightenment, much like the dialectic.

The Advaita Vedantists in Hinduism have a mantra/saying that goes, "Neti, neti, neti...," which means, "Not this, not this, not this..." -- by repeating the phrase, one can achieve samadhi.

That's how I feel as I change the channels.