Pwnership: A New Bourgeois Notion?

I've finally noticed a new word enough to look it up: pwn, an apparent "corruption" (eh...) of the word "own," is used to express humiliation of an opponent: "Oooh, you got pwned, bitch."

It's especially prevalent in video-game circles, which is where I've seen it too-frequently of late. Here's a link to the wikipedia page, for starters, Wishydig.

You know about this one, Wrangler? You game.


Wishydig said...

it was already so established, that i decided to comment briefly on only the pronunciation when i ran across a use earlier this year. you even commented on the post.

probably a 'nurtured' typo because the 'o' and the 'p' are so close on the keyboard.

Casey said...

Oh. Whoops.

Insignificant Wrangler said...

Yeah, I remember talking about this one earlier--I figured it had something to do with combining "penis" and "own"; its impossible to play CoD for more than ten minutes without running into a username like "ipwnuhrd====>"