A New "Low" in Photojournalism?

I'm taking a risk here, hoping that my complaint won't make me look like the bad guy. I've been sick for the last two days, so I've watched way too much coverage of the Haiti earthquake. Tonight I noticed that I've seen one photograph in almost every photo montage on almost every channel. Here's your winner:

The picture is by Jorge Cruz, and was published by the Associated Press on 1/12/10. My complaint is... well... the boobs. I just don't think this is excellent photojournalism in the middle of an awful tragedy. And my instincts are confirmed by the newsmedia's completely opposing judgment that this is the one image that must be shown. Anyway, thumbing through this gallery I can find at least two-dozen photos that I think better represent the horror of the scene, and do so in a less titillating way.

Now I feel bad about even posting this... maybe I'll take it down. I feel like I sunovabitch just sitting on my couch commenting on the coverage of the tragedy. The thing really is historic, isn't it? I hope the U.N. gets down there in huge numbers, and fast. Water. Food. Shelter. Let's go, team.


Wishydig said...

yeah. i think you're right.

Monica said...

No, we absolutely SHOULD be commenting on the coverage of the tragedy, and how the media "represents" tragedy in general. I think the way they have "sexualized" this situation in Haiti is disgusting and vile. What an inappropriate picture to use all over the place. It's so "Heart of Darkness," don't you think? The black woman is always eroticized and depicted in these kinds of vulgar ways.

Casey said...

Drudge Report had a picture, for the first day or so after the earthquake, that looked like a "nip slip" photograph... and yeah, just so foul of these people precisely because we know why they're selecting these photographs.