In high school I sometimes pretended to be cheating on a test so that I could look at some cleavage: "Oh, I was just copying your answers, Sarah."

The latest piece of the puzzle in my conservative revolution is to wonder whether education might be more effective if it were once again segregated by sex. I have no evidence (although, I'm almost to the point that I don't trust any "evidence" anymore, so politicized it all always seems) other than my own experience... which was incredibly distracted by the presence of flirty pheremones through high school and college. How can a person become motivated to know Truth when the possibility of getting laid looms so large and near?

Public school. De-co-educationalized. Whadda think?


Wishydig said...
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Wishydig said...

i did better in school because i was trying to impress the right girls. in a school full of guys i would have turned out… less aware.

i think the issue i have with a proposal like this is not that i think it's a bad idea, but that it's a bad idea for some. so if you are suggesting that there should be all boys and all girls schools, i say yes. there should be. and there are.

if you're saying that more people should consider them and choose them if they think it would be appropriate, i say yes. more people should.

should these be public schools? i tend to think not. but what do i know -- i never attended a public school. maybe they were the sodom and gomorrah my teachers all warned me about.

well, then all male probably wouldn't solve that problem.

Anonymous said...

HA! Well said.

I guess they probably have done studies, but I really am getting the feeling that "studies" are rarely without intention... anyway, just a thought. And certainly the private route is available, but I wonder if there might/should be "some" public schools that do it that way, to accommodate those who would choose that route.