Further Thoughts on Law

My mysterious lawyer-friend recommended an article that defends Natural Law. In the article, the author says,
The common good of any human society demands that governments be established and maintained to make and enforce laws. Law and government are necessary not merely because human beings sometimes treat one another unjustly and even behave in a predatory manner towards each other, but more fundamentally because human activity often must be coordinated by authoritative stipulations and other exercises of authority to secure common goals. Consider the simple case of regulating highway traffic. Even in a society of perfect saints, law and government would be necessary to establish and maintain a system of traffic regulation for the sake of the common good of motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and everyone who benefits from the safe and efficient transportation of goods and persons on the highways. Because often it is the case that there is no uniquely reasonable or desirable scheme of regulation, only different possible schemes with different benefits and costs, governmental authority must be employed to choose by stipulating one from among the possible schemes. Authority in such a case is necessary because unanimity is impossible.
And I say...

...Really?--or is Authority just such a fun and attractive idea?

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fenhopper said...

i've been in enough cities in brazil that ignore the traffic signals. and everyone agrees to live with cars that are banged up. and to accept more pedestrian injuries. one friend skewered a pedestrians cheek with his door handle. just threw the pedestrian in the back seat and dropped him off at the hospital on his way to work.

it works. but it's not much of an argument for solving the problems that authority creates.