Funny Rant

Yesterday I got an email from a friend that began, "Am I getting more conservative or just older..." then he went on to complain about the paternalistic impulses of many leftists and proponents of government intervention. I ended up agreeing with everything he said, and was even fired-up enough to add my own Libertarian-style talking points.

Then today I read this article, from Canada's national newspaper, about how "the whole world needs to adopt China's one-child policy."

Meanwhile, in other news, teens are ignoring anti-texting-while-driving laws, everybody smokes pot, and "the Law" in general is fast becoming the butt of jokes. In fact, I saw this video yesterday on MSNBC, and loved it:

Of course, Reagan isn't exactly right about the Founders -- they actually pulled for a strong central government in order to defend against "faction." But whatever. I like this rhetoric. I like the catch-words he uses. I want somebody to start talking about freedom and self-culture and responsibility and individualism and Liberty, goddamit, Liberty. An international one child law? Are you kidding me?

[Note: I know my one reader will say, "Well, but this one-child thing is a lark. It'll never happen." And that's true. But the fact that a major newspaper published it is a little ridiculous, and may be admitted as evidence that some people who are supposedly not-entirely-stupid have crossed a line in the sand. So let's go, team. Wake up. Seriously. I'm sick of hearing people talk about how Congress needs to "get something done" all the time. Maybe they could just take a decade off every once in a while? How much law-making is enough?]

I'm sick up to my neckbone with namby-pamby whiney compassionaters whose moral radar takes no account of the idea of property. Of earned income: Oh, do you think little poor babies need government supervision in the form of free pre-school or something like that?--Well back the F--- off. If I want to sponsor a little poor baby, I'll do it voluntarily. And maybe I could even afford to if all of my income wasn't being taken to prop-up failed business models and banking executives.

I want FREEDOM, and that's what you should want:


fenhopper said...

you're sick of whining?


you have your fucking freedom. quit your fucking whining.

Casey said...

FINALLY, this blog has hit the level of discourse I've been aiming at for years...

fenhopper said...

ha! now we can get started.

Kevin said...

Woe, Casey. You just out-libertarianed me--something I didn't think was possible.

No state support for BABIES? Dude. I object to the collectivist state in large part because it treats adults like helpless babies; but treating helpless BABIES like helpless babies always seemed ok somehow. But now it's 'Go be free, Baby!' Hardcore. Have I been wrong all this time?

Casey said...

Well I had had a lot of caffeine, and then none for a few hours, and I was grading final papers at the time...

Check out my security word, no kidding:


Wonder it wasn't "Von Mizes."

fenhopper said...

and mine, no kidding:


fenhopper said...

ok, so that one wasn't so great.