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As I recall, waaaaaaay back in December of '08, everybody agreed that banks and bankers were the devil. What had they done to earn the label? They had gotten involved in loaning money to people who could never pay the loans back. Catch phrase: "predatory lending."

Then the other day, Obama had a meeting with a bunch of CEO fatcats and told them, "Now, I'm strongly urging you to get back into predatory lending." I guess I'm paraphrasing, but I am paraphrasing very precisely. Even Jon Stewart almost gets the ridiculousness:

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That's right: Obama wants banks to start loaning money to people who look like "bad bets." That means that three years from now you're going to have another round of foreclosures unless you continue "assisting" people who find themselves in underwater mortgages. It also means that Obama is trying to inflate another housing bubble, this time right out in broad daylight.

Does anyone... ? I mean, are we gonna... ? Really? And also, although the banks are paying back the loans given them by the American taxpayer, the American taxpayer is not getting a rebate check... nope: for that money, the government is saying, "We'll just hold onto this for a while and see if we can't find something to spend it on." Oh, and the 800,000 doses of children's-potency H1N1 vaccine that were recalled yesterday were a reflection of how the government is going to be awesome at healthcare. Viva La Revolucion.


fenhopper said...

i'm with you on the banks... as far as i understand the headlines i read last night.

but come on. the h1n1 was recalled for having been too weak a dose. those who took it can take another and it'll work fine. no danger.

and how exactly is the gov't responsible for that? i suppose private industries like auto manufacturers and toy companies never have to issue recalls.

or wait! now that the gov't has forced its way into the auto industry that's where all the recalls came from!

Casey said...

I'm just being a baby now. Don't take me seriously unless I sound serious...

Like when I say: how about moving Gitmo to Illinois without changing any of the policies? The ACLU is pissed, and I'll bet you are too.

At what point does "better than Bush" become damning praise?

fenhopper said...

i'm doubly with you on the detention policies. even when they were still at gitmo.

this is transparency?

Casey said...

Not Bush +
Gitmo -
Banking -
Iran -
Afghanistan -
Iraq -
Healthcare -
Jobs -
Seeing Dalai Lama -
Monetary Policy -
Housing Crisis -

That's how I'm scoring it. At least Bush met with Dalai.

Anonymous said...

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