All the Cool Kids are Doing it...

Interesting chart, from Pew Forum, by way of The New York Times:

This makes me wonder whether our collective definition of "mystical experience" is changing*, or whether the rate of experiences of a particular kind really is increasing. Likely at least a little of both, I suspect. The link to the New York Times is worth reading. Interesting cultural change, no? I don't care to weigh in on this poll, preferring instead to simpy remember what Hafiz has said: "Start seeing everything as God, but keep it a secret."

The other most interesting tid-bit from the Pew study, IMHO, was this:

With the exception of white evangelicals, majorities of all major religious traditions report holding at least one of these beliefs or having experienced one of these phenomena. In fact, roughly half of black Protestants (50%), the religiously unaffiliated (48%) and Catholics (47%) answer yes to two or more of these items, as do 43% of white mainline Protestants.

Oh, white evangelicals, when will ye learn?!

*[The poll itself defines "mystical experience" as a "moment of sudden religious insight or awakening." This doesn't really change my point about definitions, tho'.]

[[Also: if you read my post yesterday about Avatar, this link is worth reading... I'm starting to wonder if it might be really cutting edge to turn myself into a Christian Conservative who talks with passion about how war is sometimes necessary in defense of civilization.]]

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