This Wednesday

Looks like we've discovered and processed all of the gold there is. I can't think of a better use for it than building a GIANT gold pyramid with all of the world's gold. We could put it in Nebraska. It's not backing money anymore anyway, so why not make something awesome of it? The idea that we have collected almost all of the gold on the planet seems to beg for interpretation -- seems to reveal what our purpose has been all along. Why not put the crown on our achievement?

I had lunch with some Tibetan monks today, so I can't take anything seriously, least of all this blog.

A giant gold pyramid might be so dense that it throws the earth's rotation out of whack by creating an imbalance. Awesome.


Wishydig said...

you really love science don't you?

how do you get the impression that we've discovered and processed all the gold there is?

and the phrase "might be so dense" fascinates me.

we pretty much know the density of gold so the "might" feels misused to me. the question would be the mass. and if it's a big enough pyramid, it could be any substance of any density really. a big enough pyramid made of adobe could change the axis of the earth's rotation.

or are you just talking about a pyramid the size of the cheops pyramid? and supposing that if it was gold, you're not sure, but gold might be dense enough to screw things up at that size?

but you know that all the gold ever mined would make a cube no larger than 100 ft squared.

or wait? is this just you being casey?


Gretchen Pratt said...


Casey is just this being me. Science was mastered by 9th grade. Cheoppin' broccoliiiii.

The difference between density and mass is too hard for me to remember, so I turn to alchemy, for there is a season for alchemy, and a season for metaphysics, a season for chemistry, and a season for anatomy.

Who doesn't know that a cube of all the gold ever mined would be just under 100 ft. squared? Everybody knows that.

I tried to write a poem once called "The Man Who Learns Late," but I couldn't succeed because I was still learning, and tonight I learned what all those Beastie Boys were talking about when they talked about freeing Tibet,

,and in their yellow felt hats they looked like Chief Powhatan, whose narrative I teach every semester to students who will learn late if they learn at all.

. In the beginning was the Outlingo .

We have mined all of the gold in the entire universe! The medieval alchemist loved gold not for its trade-value but for its essence. Buddha should've issued a press-release called "The Gold Sutra," but I'm sure he was busy!

And I think it would be good exercise? Have I ever told you I think building a giant giant giant pyramid in Nebraska could be both fun and profitable? Yes, we could convince American consooomers that they could be skinnYYYY! if they haul giant rocks (or GOLD CUBES!) to Nebraska by hand or sled or dogsled or chariot and there gatherround and pile them at an incline of 40 degrees 59 minutes because that is the angle of ruin.

That's how I heard it described the other day: the pyramid is what a great construction looks like after it has collapsed! Genius! Let's build a bigger golder one, and make people pay for monthly subscriptions to participate and throw the world out of its spinnnnn,



Casey said...

Geez, Gretchen.