You say Comedy's the Ticket?

One of the comments under this video at YouTube.com says, "This isn't actually comedy, this is like someone's dad complaining about 'kids these days' and lecturing the audience." Which sounds to me like the kind of comment a14-year old makes, on a day when his dad is making him come straight home from school to clean up his bedroom.


Wishydig said...

but this isn't trying to be comedy. it's a poetry jam. there are similar rules. and i'll say it allows the ideas as an welcome attack which is so necessary for what i've been saying.

now, should i address his silly claims about language or should i just move on?

Casey said...

No, just move on. And you're right, this isn't really comedy, despite the fact that he gets a few laughs...

Gretchen gets mad at me because I kinda like "def poetry." She thinks it's crude compared to the refined poetry that gets published Southern Review or whatever. Actually, I think she's 50% right. But a combination of the carefulness of the poets in Southern Review with the emotional courage of the def poets would be pretty rad. Might rival comedy, even.