They're Baaa(r)aaack

If ABC's new upcoming series 'V' does what it ought to do, it's going to flatten people who have oversimplified their understanding of political philosophy -- especially party-line Democrats who line up behind Obama, and all those who believe that "how it will work, exactly" is a question that it's not necessary to address when it comes to redistributing wealth.

Anyway, check out the trailer, and be honest enough to admit that at least a part of you would be soooo excited if these aliens really showed up. I don't know the premise of the show, but I have a bad feeling about these hope-mongers, and I remain a skeptic:

I will confess: I have a very vague reminiscence of being 5-years old and watching the original television series... and I'm pretty sure these Rachel-Maddow looking aliens rip their own faces off eventually and look more like Barney Frank. So I might've had a hint in not coughing up my trust as easily as the apparently gullible citizens in the trailer.

Also: does this post have the greatest title ever, or what?

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