"...no ideas but in things..."

I was reading The Blog of Henry David Thoreau again tonight; as usual, I'm more impressed than I would've expected.

What the postmodernists cannot bring themselves to admit is that they have no less faith than the most orthodox religious folks; the only difference is that while the religious folks claim to put their faith in "God," the postmodernists put their faith in the Federal Reserve Bank, the United States Constitution, their elected officials, the local police force, and the IRS.

Today's post from Thoreau is worth quoting and reading at length. It is such a clear reminder that Truth is, and that the term is only difficult to define if you are immersed in a dangerously
"constructed" worldview. Here's Thoreau, from today, October 14th, 1857:
It is indeed a golden autumn. These ten days are enough to make the reputation of any climate. A tradition of these days might be handed down to posterity. They deserve a notice in history, in the history of Concord. All kinds of crudities have a chance to get ripe this year. Was there ever such an autumn? And yet there was never such a panic and hard times in the commercial world. The merchants and banks are suspending and failing all the country over, but not the sand-banks, solid and warm, and streaked with blackberry vines. You may run upon them as much as you please,—even as the crickets do, and find their account in it. They are the stockholders in these banks, and I hear them creaking their content. You may see them on change any warmer hour. In these banks, too, and such as these, are my funds deposited, a fund of health and enjoyment. Their (the crickets) prosperity and happiness and, I trust, mine do not depend on whether the New York banks suspend or no. We do not rely on such a slender security as the thin paper of the Suffolk Bank. To put your trust in such a bank is to be swallowed up and undergo suffocation. Invest, I say, in these country banks. Let your capital be simplicity and contentment. Withered goldenrod (Solidago nemoralis) is no failure, like a broken bank, and yet in its most golden season, nobody counterfeits it. Nature needs no counterfeit detector. I have no compassion for, nor sympathy with, this miserable state of things. Banks built of granite, after some Grecian or Roman style, with their porticoes and their safes of iron, are not so permanent, and cannot give me so good security for capital invested in them, as the heads of weathered hardhack in the meadow. I do not suspect the solvency of these. I know who is their president and cashier.
Truth is those withering goldenrods. It is as real now as it was in 1857, and the collapse of one banking system or another is illusory by comparison. Those who pin their hopes to the one are their own source of happiness and contentment; those who pin their hopes to the other are the playthings of fate, powerless with regard to their own peace of mind.

Also, will you frickin' LOOK at this picture below? This picture has convinced me to re-focus on what really interests me, which is G-d, which is Nature, which is G-d, which is human nature, which is Nature, which is Me, which is me. Look at this picture:

So just remember: things are changing around here...

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