Illusion, Thou Shalt Dissipate

A friend emailed me and told me she was having terrors about death -- in particular the part about the cessation of (her) consciousness. I was so pleased she turned to me. So pleased that I turned prideful and wrote 8 paragraphs trying to explain Death away. Then later, I wrote a poem, probably to keep myself from dealing with the same reality.

What Maya Is

The lord Buddha continued: "If any person were to say that the Buddha, in his teachings, has constantly referred to himself, to other selves, to living beings, or to a universal self, what do you think, would that person have understood my meaning?"

The Bodhisattva chooses illusion for the sake of others.
Enlightenment is a value-neutral state.
The fear of death and the fear of life are one.
She who fears living refuses to choose to let go of Maya.
There is no choice until one chooses what she thinks is death.
There is no death.
Only Bodhisattvas may speak.
The only subject of discourse is Maya.
There is no Maya.

The body, standing at a shoreline,
ankles wet in surf, shoulders hot,
eyes tracing horizon—
that body is mind, and nothing else,
and nothing else is mind.

Death exists and nothing dies.
There is nothing that lives.
Nothing lives but Bodhisattvas.
There are no Bodhisattvas.
There is no death.

The Great Self awoke once
in an orange sleeping bag on a red carpet
in a slant of sunlight, roofers pounding above
in steady rhythm. For some minutes,
the Great Self only listened.
Mirror up to the ceiling textured paint,
sweaty brow, limbs, and something else familiar.
Knowing what would become,
for some minutes the Great Self only listened.

Death comes only to Bodhisattvas.
No Bodhisattvas fear Death.
The Bodhisattva chooses others for the sake of illusion.
There is only illusion.
There are no others.
There are no Bodhisattvas.
There is only Separation.

Long Spring and testament reading aside,
Difference serves only as comedy,
And pollutes what takes it seriously.
In three days understanding will rise to meet you—
Take time, then, to listen. Believe that faith
Can heal, and wonder what is meant by trust.

Death is only a figure of speech.
In Maya, only figures of speech are real.
There is no separation. There is no separation.
Death and Maya and Separation are One.
The Bodhisattva who forgets the One experiences Death.

But come back, return the ocean to itself;
The universe is larger than a grain.
Remember that clouds have no intention,
That what appears is not always what is,
What looks a crocodile is often cloud.
To wonder what is meant by trust can heal.
Go home—It willshall ever lead you there;
Forever take what is what isn’t fair.

Separation only is in Being.
All Beings fear Death.
All Beings die.
Being is illusion.
Maya is not. Maya is not.

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