A wise (for "man's insanity is heaven's sense") Zen-woman I know at second-hand recently wrote and published something worthy of our attention. Don't be fooled by glancing. I recommend reading it aloud.

How's that feel?


Wishydig said...

i feel you casey. i think there can be something there. and i caught a glimpse of a few of them.

but the whole process of finding out what it can be really sounds boring to me. like looking at clouds to see what they look like.

Casey said...

One man's boredom is another man's peaceful afternoon in the grass on a hilltop watching the clouds pass, I guess...

Wishydig said...

i hear you. i do.

but sometimes i don't trust that art is really about watching the clouds pass. sometimes it becomes more about pointing at half the clouds and arguing that the other half aren't as good.

i'm not saying you've done that.

Casey said...

No I know... I was thinking all day that when you asked me on Facebook who we should be listening to, I wish I had said, in addition to the druggies and the mystics, the poets. That's all.

But yeah, definitely -- I sometimes forget, because I spend so much time reading bad criticism, that it is important to maintain a critical eye. Cuz there are certainly bad artists, and there's certainly faux art.