Against Postmodernism; For Truth

Here's a proposition for you: Postmodernism is against ethics.

Please do me the favor of reading these two paragraphs carefully (I can't imagine why you would, but, maybe...):

Paragraph 1: I have finally understood the source of my frustration. I now understand why I've typed so much and failed to change the world. I see what you see. You look at me see hypocrisy. I have healthcare, a wife, and a stable and respectable job. You know that I am a liar because you know that I could not have gotten myself into such a situation without being a liar. You will not listen because of what you see; and now that I see what you see, I cannot understand why you would listen. You are right not to.

Paragraph 2: But, consider what your refusal to listen (that is, to take me as an authoritative speaker) reveals to you about your own knowledge and assumptions. If you have heard me speak of Truth and rolled your eyes, it is because you knew what Truth was, and saw that I was not living it (so fearful am I of the cross). You know that speaking the Truth is not impossible, but only severely punishable in this culture. Like me, you know what a hypocrite is. You know what a hypocrite is.

"Postmodernism is against ethics." But you don't need to be admonished not to take my word for it -- you already don't. And I don't blame you. I wouldn't believe a word out of my mouth either (I wear tassels on my shoes, for chrissake!). But I just listened to a lecture by Os Guinness that stopped me in my tracks, that convicted me not by argument, but by my own conscience. It reminded me of something so clearly that I don't know how to proceed. I don't know what to do now that I remember.

Click on that link; listen for half an hour. I wish I could say I'm done with Postmodernism and "Rhetoric" -- I fear that I'm not. My only hope is that that fear will count for something when the silent dark thing comes looking for me.

At one point he says, "Without Truth, there is only manipulation."

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Monica said...

"My only hope is that that fear will count for something when the silent dark thing comes looking for me."--Oh, gosh, what a great line. I wish I had written it. I have chills.