This is OK

Today's NY Times features an article asking the question, "When do they need a fig leaf?" Less cryptically, it's about parents who let their children hang out naked all day, even when guests come over. I guess I just want to go on record saying "I'm for that."

I live in North Carolina now, where it's HOT 6 months out of the year. That's too many months for me to be sweating-out the inside of my khakis. I'm mystified by the fact that many of my colleagues wear sport coats and ties to work. It seems almost unbelievably impractical, evidence of a pervasive inability to adapt or something.

My working theory starts with the fact that, as everyone knows, sperm-counts don't like hot temperature. From there, people in the north decided that if they could convince people in the south that America's-uniform was a sport coat, tie, and khakis, with dress shoes, that Southerners would be infertile within a generation. The infertility doesn't seem to have caught on, but the dress code, inexplicably, sort of has.

I'm for shorts and a t-shirt when it's over 75 (which is, again, from April through October). And nakedness at home. Now who's coming with me!?!


Insignificant Wrangler said...

Does "naked" include a diaper? Because I see those as completely essential to Western civilization.

Otherwise, no issue.

Casey said...

Hahaha... I guess I'm not qualified to comment on that point yet.